Ingo Merten

plays: bass
born: 28.08.1973
in: a small hick town in
southern Germany,
close to Würzburg (D)
why metal? It was the first real music I got to know after that synthie pop crap of the 80s. 
why bass?  It sounds pretty cool, moves right into the body, kicks ass, and at last I’m unable to play the guitar with my chubby fingers. 
favourite LGG song  Degenesis (Amor & Seuche)
Madness And Her Thousand Young
Dimension: Canvas 
things that kick ass  Playing with LGG, good music, good movies, hanging around with friends 
things that suck Intolerance
influences & inspiration Iron Maiden, Fates Warning, Dream Theater, Rush, Art Rock of the 70s, modern Progressive Rock and Metal, Jazz 
favourite albums  - Beatles: Abbey Road, The White Album
- Pink Floyd: Dark Side of the Moon, Wish You Were Here
- Led Zeppelin: Houses of the Holy
- Genesis: Selling England by the Pound
- King Crimson: Red
Not what you expected, did you? ;-))))
musical participations in   - Kreissägen - punk and indie - RIP
- Best before: - rock - RIP
- Timesphere – progressive rock - RIP
- Spheron – progressive rock – RIP
- 2nd Sight – metal
- Vindsval
- Le Grand Guignol – grotesque metal ;-)
- to be continued -