Patrick Damiani

plays: guitars, bass
born: 02.08.1977
in: Luxembourg (L)
why metal? Don't know, simply I like it! ;-)
why guitars?  It's the first instrument I got in touch with... I actually won a guitar as a price in a lottery at the fair. I thought: "Now that I have one, I'll also learn how to play it" :-) 
favourite LGG song  That's like if you'd have to say who's your favourite son! All of the songs come from the heart, and I love them all!  
things that kick ass  My friends. 
things that suck To be helpless in some situations.
influences & inspiration Concerning music: I guess all the music I ever heard.
Concerning the rest (yet music, too): what I feel deep inside myself. 
favourite albums  - Le Grand Guignol - The Great Maddening
- Arcturus - Aspera Hiems Symfonia
- Payne's Gray - Kadath Decoded
- Ordo Draconis - Camera Obscura
- Norah Jones' albums 
musical participations in   - Le Grand Guignol
- Vindsval
- Mack Murphy & The Inmates (guitars)
- Umbra Et Imago (live guitars)
- Rome (sound design)
- Falkenbach (acoustic guitars on "Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty", acoustic- lead- & bassguitars on
  "Heralding -   The Fireblade")
- Nebelhorn (drums & acoustic guitars)
- Enid (lead- and acoustic guitars)
- Isenheim (drums)
- Rivendell (bass on "Elven Tears")
- Advocatus Diaboli (R.I.P.) (drums)
- Nibelland (sickness)