Philip Breuer

plays: vocals
born: 17.08.1977
in: Esch-sur-Alzette (L)
why metal? Because it's the only music-genre where you don't have to look good to earn applause!
why vocals?  It's a dirty job - but somebody's got to do it!
Maybe because I never won a guitar at a fair like Patrick did?
favourite LGG song  What was the complete track-list again?  
things that kick ass  A walk on the beach at sunset, a swift breeze playing gently in my hair ... eehhmm ... shouldn't I save this sentence for a different kind of questionnaire?
OK, OK, so:
True friends, fine arts & culture, asian cinema, luxembourgish viticulture, books by Murakami Haruki
things that suck The administrative machinery (cf. "That is not dead which can eternal lie ..."), misuse of power, US-remakes of asian movies, the fact that too much alcohol kills braincells
influences & inspiration The profundity of emotions, every kinds of artistic oeuvres ...
favourite albums  - Meiko Kaji: - everything -
- Le Grand Guignol: "The Great Maddening"
- Ordo Draconis: "Camera Obscura"
- Megadeth: "Rust In Peace"
- Oldboy: O.S.T. 
musical participations in   - Le Grand Guignol
- Vindsval
- Ordo Draconis ("Camera Obscura Pt. I & II")
- Falkenbach ("Ok Nefna Tysvar Ty", "Heralding - The Fireblade")
- Carach Angren (guest vocals on "Lammendam")
- Grotesque Impalement "Exposition Of The Impaled" (guest vocals)
- Advocatus Diaboli (R.I.P.) (guest vocals)
- Nibelland (madness)