Yves Blaschette

plays: keyboards, guitars
born:  06.03.1980
in:  Luxemburg city (L)
why metal?  ... hmm ? That's a good question ! Why Not ?
why keyboards?   I've started to play the piano at the age of 9, so it's the instrument I feel the most comfortable with to write songs. What is more is that it can be used as a MIDI interface, which gives you the possibility to play every existing instrument in the world.
Besides that I also play guitars, 'cause no metal can be played without guitars.
Recently I started playing the cello ... probably more to come....
favourite LGG song  That's like if you'd have to say who's your favorite son! All of the songs came from the heart and I love them all!
(I've got the strange feeling that I've read exactly the same sentence somewhere else. Hmm ... sometimes life can be filled with astonishing coincidences).
things that kick ass  ...ehm ... well ... next question ?
things that suck  There are too many to write them all ...
influences & inspiration  A bit of everything I've ever heard.
favourite albums  - Nightwish: "Once"
- Epica: "Consign to Oblivion"
...various works from Vivaldi, Chopin, Bach, Mozart, Beethoven... etc.
musical participations in   - Le Grand Guignol
- Vindsval
- Carach Angren (cello contribution)