"The Great Maddening" - CD

"Imperium Grotesque" - CD


"And this is but the beginning of the saga…" are the final words of Vindsval’s press-sheet, a doommetalband who in 1996 released their first demo which was pressed on 50 copies and some years later their debutalbum on the German metallabel Skaldic Art is a fact. Vindsval’s music is one of the richest metalsounds you can hear as their music is like a melodramatic movie. So much that can be heard there that it reachers to the unbelievable. Of course everything is bombastic, while the screaming voices are at its most intense there is a wonderful combination of black-metal drums and symphonic doomy keyboards that make Vindsval a real adventure to listen to. At times it’s even a bit prog-rock (synthwise) and it just makes me wonder why only boring black metal bands are getting the fame these days as this is so much better…. A bit sick in the mind, that’s for sure but a real victory for Vindsval!