"The Great Maddening" - CD

"Imperium Grotesque" - CD


Skaldic Art is a neophyte label (run by FALKENBACH's mastermind, Mr. Vakyas), however at least a couple of groundbreaking releases has been already released under it's banners. And "Imperium Grotesque" definitely is the most exciting among 'em. Evolving from raw and primitive Norse-inspired black metal represented on their early demo works, VINDSVAL managed to transform it into highly innovative, idearich, polyphonic kind of metal art. Fortunately it's still black metal, however not your typical DIMMU BORGIR copycat or whatever. "Imperium…" features enigmatic, versatile and diverse material, with a solid dose of synth lines, although guitars is what these guys make emphasis on. As to keyboards, Berzerk must be a really talented composer and musician, at least judging by the enrapturing instrumental piece this CD comes with. Well, all in all, "Imperium…" is
nearly a genius work with no goddamn drawbacks to be discovered, consequently: HIGHEST RECOMMENDATIONS.