"The Great Maddening" - CD

"Imperium Grotesque" - CD


Alrighty then what do we have here, well it's the first full length album from Le Grand Guignol. Le Grand Guignol Is based in Luxemburg a country that haven't got many metal bands as far as know. So it's quite awesome to review a band from a small country like Luxemburg. They started the band not really long ago in 2006 and when I hear their stuff it's unbelievable that these guys are playing some damn tight Symphonic and melodic metal and that for a existence of hardly one year. The label that is responsible for this release is Maddening Media, don't know much about that label but after this I will.

The first thing I thought when I saw this disk in my mailbox I thought: Alright a black metal cd with a kick ass cover design. But nothing of that is quite true because Le Grand Guignol is not one of those raw black metal bands but some serious and fucking high quality Symphonic metal with tons of melodic moves. The only raw thing on this disk are the screaming and hellish vocals from Philip Breuer. But they not only use that kind of vocals, some times here and there they use some clean and gothic kind of throat that sounds quite nice between the blackmetal vocals. The guys from Le Grand Guignol have put some serious time in the studio mixing this material cause the production is like their compositions real nice. A clean and hellish sound with in every track some scary and dark keyboard on the background. No that's not all, on the whole cd they use things like: Opera kind of vocals from a lady and some kickass orchestra kind of parts with some old-school violin. Well you just name it and this band is using it, fucking good shit guys when you want to listen to non brutal shit.

Le Grand Guignol has recorded eleven great tracks that are all quite alternated from each other that is really worth listing, no bullshit on this disk but a band that we got to watch out for in the future.