"The Great Maddening" - CD

"Imperium Grotesque" - CD


Le Grand Guignol is a band from Luxembourg and was formed in late 1996. Back then they were acting under the name Vindsval. The band name comes from the opera house in Paris (1897-1962) where the performances were based on horror and cruelty. The band released their first raw demo in 1999. After this demo the band started to combine their classical interests with the extreme metal and soon the band was known as an act which made a style called “Grotesque metal”. I think the name of the style they produce is right because on the album The Great Maddening they use a concoction of symphonic black metal with classic/bombastic elements. Some may think of Therion when listening to it, some may think of The Vision Bleak or even Cirrha Niva. But to be honest, Le Grand Guignol deserve more credits because they have managed to keep an own style during the entire album. Pounding drums and guitar riffs, enchanting keys and the powerful voice of frontman Philip sees to it that all the ingredients are dosed in perfect manner.There are not any weak points on this album but the highlights definitely are: Dimension, Canvas and Madness and her Thousand Young. The Great Maddening has become an interesting album and has become a great musical adventure. A recommendation for all open minded metal fans. By the way his album contains a really cool video clip of the song Madness and her Thousand Young, so check this one out!