"The Great Maddening" - CD

"Imperium Grotesque" - CD


Do you remember VINDSVAL and the excellent "Imperium Grotesque" debut? It has been released long years ago at the FALKENBACH mastermind's label! I had no idea that the band still exists or that it changed the name! Luckily for me, others haven't forgotten me and I must admit I was completely astonished when I've opened the envelope and I've seen this very CD. A swarthy presentation, nice words in the info sheet, everything seemed professional. And I started to listen to the CD...after the first audition, nothing helped me into understanding the material: theatrical and dramatic Black Metal, with Classic operatic influences, aggressive masculine voices, background soprano, normal and calm voices afterwards, alluring keyboard, fake rhythmic guitars, waving battery, uproar, theatre scene, mountebanks, echoes, sound distortions... a draconic intricate and extremely complex sound! Starting with Heavy Metal, Power or Progressive all the way to Black Metal, with plenty of atmosphere entwined with much violence, saturated in every imaginable elements and also fully confusing, the sound is obviously: unique! Maybe it is far too diversified, too complicated some may say, perhaps far too atypical... these could give a name to this sound's deficiencies...otherwise, the band gives us a ride through Dark music material, reminding me of DEVIL DOLL, ARCTURUS or THE KOVENANT. There's no doubt we are dealing with an Avantgardistic project, utterly experimental for this scene and saturated in drama, where there's no place for unveiling certain instruments, as an entire orchestra imposes. Truly inovative! Well, it was natural to be so, as their scents are perfumed in the last century's French theatres aromas...therefore, we can uncover the band's name, translating as the Great Buffoon! Trust me, it worth being experimenting!