1) Cirqvs L. (instr.)
2) Degenesis (Amor & Seuche)
3) Dimension: Canvas
4) Mens Insana In Corpore Insano
5) Madness And Her Thousand Young
6) The Healing Process
7) Finis Coronat Opus
8) I, Who Brought Forth Myself
9) Alsuntia (instr.)
10) Lucilinburhuc
11) In, Beyond or Through (instr.)

Finis Coronat Opus

Am I as naught? Would I solely be ...
... a mere collage of regrets ?

Fierce melancholy, let me dare
A journey to the epic within
To all known pleasures and pains

So would you guide me through my frescoed halls
To gaze and to see what I could achieve?
Let me marvel at myself as the absolute entity
And carry me towards the pinnacle of knowledge

My sweet child, of course I could...
Although there's one thing you ought to heed
Your most squalid sense shall be what I need

Is that it? Nothing more? Hahaha ha, so take it from me!

I choose your sense of hearing, my son
As the key to your ever-verdant plains of wisdom
And now betake yourself to experience majesty, hihihi

Chaos distilled to a unity
Impressions reduced to the fantastic
I vex the gods' minds with my intelligence
As I perforate the hymen of Great Alma Mater

I am god - only one - ever was – and ever will be!

Pitiable little imbecile, audacious and avid,
If you could only listen to your equal precessors,
Intoning wildly in delight:

Ave Mater, Morituri Te Salutant

Imbellicus Animo
Creatio Ex Nihilo

Cursed be my sonic reminescence!
Has the leader of this pas-de-deux
Been myself or treacherous you?

The affection I bore you was unreturned – ama et fac quo vis
Awed by your beauty and deafened by harmonies – non omnis moriar...

Phrenesis Puer Ab Alma Mater Est

I beg for being whole again,
I pine for being sane again...
Hear me....?

Acta est fabula