1) Cirqvs L. (instr.)
2) Degenesis (Amor & Seuche)
3) Dimension: Canvas
4) Mens Insana In Corpore Insano
5) Madness And Her Thousand Young
6) The Healing Process
7) Finis Coronat Opus
8) I, Who Brought Forth Myself
9) Alsuntia (instr.)
10) Lucilinburhuc
11) In, Beyond or Through (instr.)

The Healing Process

Healing by first intention: The sterile suture

Disinfect - cleanse the cause
Blood out, blood in, the antiseptic skin
Bacteria inferior suppressed
Bones and fibres restored

Healing by second intention: The fibroblast boon

Scars to bear, sores to soothe
Cicatrices left to prove
What hypertrophic granulation could not veil:
The original wound is condemned to remain

Protection - Restricted activity - Ice - Compression - Elevation - P-R-I-C-E - to pay !
Surgery - Concision - Autoimmunity - Recovery - Salvation - S-C-A-R-S - to stay !

Healing by no intention: The sterile future

Disinform - cleanse the caustic
Blot out, blow in the antisceptic sin
Criteria superior oppressed
Bona fide replaced

To know the sickness does not imply to have the cure

To know the sickness does not imply to elect the cure

Masked molotov-inflammation
Mental healing infra dig
Redolent of vintage madness
To have the sickness does not mean to get the cure !